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So without further ado I would like to go ahead and introduce our first speaker who is coming to us remotely and that is dr. Scott Lindquist he completed his medical training at the University of Washington School of Medicine as a student of the Whammy that's Washington Alaska Montana and Idaho program and he completed a residency in pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an infectious disease fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas he then completed his master's in public health at the Harvard School of Public Health dr. Lynn Quist has drawn upon his broad background to focus upon underserved populations and infectious diseases he has combined all the aspects of his training as a health officer director of health for the kid sab County Health District from 2021 to 2021 and in addition he serves as a pediatrician and public health officer at the Port Gamble S'Klallam tribe own medical clinic where he's worked one day a week for the past 17 years and I believe that is where he is coming to us from today dr. Lindquist to zero in state tuberculosis medical consultants since 2021 and currently serves as the state epidemiologist for communicable diseases and the Deputy Health Officer for Washington State please join me in welcoming dr. Scott Lindquist yeah thanks I just want to do a quick audio check to make sure you guys can hear me okay there I think you have me muted doctor linguist okay great all right well thanks a lot sorry to bore you with that big opening CV bio about Scotland quest but probably the only thing that wasn't mentioned that's probably the most important thing is I indeed was a civil surgeon for about 15 years so I have a good sense of what the civil surgeon is looking for and what their job entails and this is a tough population to you to deal with for very many reasons one of which the epidemiology we're going to talk about so if you could go to the next slide this is interesting look at foreign-born populations in the United States and you know I'm sitting in a Native American clinic and their interpretation of this is it's much different than what yours may be but this shows the foreign-born population the darker the color the more population that's foreign-born across the u.s. is really fascinating to look at well clearly Washington State you look in the Puget Sound area that was a fairly high number of foreign-born folks but you see a concentration in the Midwest the north northeast and some in California Texas but most of this of the United States was not having a lot of foreign-born folks but Washington at that time was next slide and if you look at current foreign-born population it's a much different picture than that one flip back to the one before again so look at this picture.


I am a resident in Washington State. I will be getting out of the Army next February. What do I need to do for health insurance?
The ACA does not require that you carry medical insurance, but you may be subject to a tax penalty if you are uninsured for half a year. (The penalty is waived for low-income tax filers.)If you want insurance coverage, you will have several options.VA Health Care satisfies the ACA insurance mandate. Frequently Asked QuestionsMedicaid, if your annual household income is below 138% of the federal poverty line (about $16,394 for a single adult).Private insurance through the Exchange. You always have the option to purchase it out of your own pocket. You may qualify for assistance if both of the following are true:you don’t have another source of health insurance coverage, including VA benefits, Medicaid or employer-sponsored insuranceyour projected annual household income is between 100% and 400% of the federal proverty line ($11,880 - $47,520 in 2021 for a single adult).You can find the exchange website for Washington here: Washington Health Benefit Exchange The website doesn’t look too useful right now because they are getting ready for the next open enrollment period. Check back November 1st or later.If you are married, and your spouse has insurance through an employer, you can be added to your spouse’s policy.If you are 25 or younger, you can be added to your parent’s insurance policy.If you decide to work a civilian job between your army discharge and grad school, you may be offered health insurance from your employer.
I’m a US citizen living in Washington state. Could I cross over to Canada and pay out of pocket to get healthcare?
I believe you can, yes. The system provides for residents and emergencies for visitors, and will take a credit card in that case. If you would like to have more routine care performed in British Columbia, what I would do is call the hospital or clinic in question and ask them directly if they would be willing to perform whatever surgery or procedure you wish.You will need a credit card with a hefty available balance, I suspect. Call the healthcare provider beforehand as they will have the most accurate information for your specific case.If you are able to obtain healthcare in Canada, it will undoubtedly be far less expensive out-of-pocket in Canada versus the United States. However, BC is also known as the most expensive province so there’s that, too.A comment has suggested that this may not be an accurate assessment of US & Canadian uninsured expenses. From what I have gathered, my estimation of out-of-pocket healthcare costs is an accurate reflection but let’s hear from you. Have you visited a Canadian or US hospital in the past ten years and paid out-of-pocket? Please share in the comment section.Cost for a CAT scan in Boston, MA: $1,243 (insured rate) USDSource: Line item from patient’s bill shown belowCost for a CAT scan in Toronto, ON: $431 (uninsured/visitor) USDSource: Hospital Rate ScheduleComments SectionEverything I’ve read shows that medical care, when paying out of pocket, is the same in Canada and the US.I’ve never paid out-of-pocket so I rely on others‡ experiences. What others have said is that Canada is far less expensive. Quite a number of people have made that claim, it’s not something I invented out of whole-cloth.You’re free to disagree, but the claims suggest that Canada is less expensive than the US for out-of-pocket healthcare.I’ll try and find a source or two for you later in the day. In the meantime, would you mind providing a source for your statement so that I can investigate that claim?Here you goAverage cost per inpatient day across 50 stateshttps://www.qch.on.ca/uploads/Fi...Thanks. That’s interesting but I would say it’s not conclusive either way for a few reasons.The US one is an average of costs and doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect out-of-pocket expenses that one would incur when visiting the hospital.The US guide also includes the insured rates which makes the comparison apples to oranges.The US-CAD exchange rate. Let’s take the average US cost of a for-profit hospital which is the least expensive choice on the list at $1,791 USD. In Canadian dollars, that would be $2,284.The Ontario guide is reliable, as it’s from the Ontario government. However, I can’t be certain that the hospital you visit will actually charge you that exact amount. It’s a fee guide (I suspect). The Ontario government doesn’t own the hospital, so the administration can charge what they like (within reason).This is one area where anecdotal evidence may be superior to statistics. It’s hard to know what they’ll charge until you get a bill.From what people have said, the bills are pretty low here.Like I said, I’ll see if I can dig up those examples but it won’t be until tonight.The William Osler hospital system comprises two hospitals in Brampton and Etobicoke and they have published their rate schedule which may be of some use to you.Hospital Rate ScheduleThis article may be of some use for US rates but it’s not definitive.Hospital Costs: How Much to Stay?This is the bill cited in the article. A diagnostic X-ray cost $3,581 USD compared to the $2,028 CAD it costs for an MRI in Ontario according to the chart you sourced and that’s the insured cost of an X-ray (uninsured is always higher). The Osler hospitals charge $800 for an MRI and $100 for an X-ray (they don’t mention the charge for a diagnostic x-ray).
How hard is it for an out of state university student to transfer to the University of Washington?
As an out-of-state student, the UW needs your more expensive tuition. You're a more desired candidate, especially if you're not receiving financial aid.One of the things especially sought from Transfer applicants is a clear focus-- if it looks like you have a set major and career plan laid out, you're much more qualified than someone who only a goal, and no indication of what they've done or will do to succeed. GPA is still a factor though, and STEM majors aren't very lenient even if you come from a prestigious school.
How hard is it for an out-of-state student to get into the University of Washington?
With a decent to strong GPA and SAT, you should be fine. Your real problems will come with trying to get admitted to your major, especially if it’s in the stem field and competitive like CSE or ME.Your tuition will also be expensive, but that’s the nature of out-of-state university. It’s not an easy school to get into, but it’s not MIT or Stanford by any stretch of the imagination.
If you had an infinite amount of money to build an ideal high school, how would you build it?
I have been waiting for this question for so long. You all think far too small.Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Michael Faraday Academy of Science!The Faraday Academy is an elite private boarding school for dreamers, intellectuals, and world-changers. It is located high in the mountains of Italy.Our proud motto: sic itur ad astra.In English, “thus one journeys to the stars”.CurriculumAt the Faraday Academy, we do not conform to the regressive standards set by bureaucratic politicians. Our teachers are renowned professors from around the world, teaching academic-level material.While the Faraday Academy is intended for high-school-aged students, we do not teach high-school material. Rather, we teach for degree credit. Some students complete their bachelors degree while still in high school, others have a head start when they go off to college and university.All our programs are original academic courses created by professors specifically for the Faraday Academy.Daily StructureStudents may choose as many courses as they think they can complete, though there is a minimum amount one must choose.Hours are determined by the courses one chooses.Campus BuildingsThe Freeman Dyson School of Physics - Here, the greatest minds in the world have come to teach the next generation about the fundamental laws of our universe.The Wolfgang Pauli Linear Accelerator - A top-notch atom smasher built by some of the greatest nuclear engineers on the planet. Part of the Dyson School.The Robert Lanza Biological Laboratory - Named after Robert Lanza the scientist, not Adam Lanza the serial killer! Features cutting-edge gene splicing tools and equipment. Possibly the source of the glow-in-the-dark squirrels that roam the school grounds.The Antoine Lavoisier Center for Chemistry - Run by a legendary Nobel Laureate, this institution is recognized as having some of the best teachers in the world.The Fritz Zwicky Astronomical Observatory - Featuring one of the largest telescopes in Europe.The Emmy Noether School of Mathematical Sciences - For those of us for whom math is not a chore but a passion. Students here have already discovered several important new theorems.The Marvin Minsky Center for Computer Science and Robotics - Featuring “Turing’s Ghost”, the most powerful supercomputer outside of the US or China, and a robotics laboratory which does not pursue competitions such as FIRST, but rather focuses on machine learning and kinematics.The Gustav Eiffel Engineering Facility - From rockets to buildings, anything is possible here.The Spinoza Philosophical School - Ethics, religion, morality, science, knowledge, and everything in between.SpaceportThe Michael Collins International Spaceport is regarded by many as one of the highlights of the school. Every student is guaranteed a personal suborbital spaceflight aboard an XCOR Lynx (with an experiment of his choice) at least once during his time at the school.Dormitory and AmentiesThe school has several world-class restaurants, with food from all over the globe. We also have a library, theatre, art gallery, and concert hall. There is a pluralistic temple as well, for religious students.The dormitories are beautiful and clean. Each student has a personal room, with a comfortable bed, a bathroom and shower, a work-desk, and a high-end computer setup.ArchitectureThe Michael Faraday Academy of Science was designed by the greatest architects available. We blend a variety of styles, including:Gothic RevivalNeo-FuturisticIndustrialAdmissions and RecruitmentOur school teaches students aged 14–18.Here at the Michael Faraday Academy, we have three criteria for acceptance:Intelligence: We want only the brightest. For this, we have devised the Faraday Mind Metric, a unique test designed to isolate those who have potential but have not necessarily achieved it. This helps assess students from impoverished countries, or students who are unable, for one reason or another, to express themselves intellectually.Passionate Optimism: A love of the future, progress, and human advancement, and a tangible desire to work hard to ensure a better future for humanity.Achievement: This can be in the form of excellent grades, self-studying, prior acceptance into exclusive programs, a dedication to scientific hobbies, exceptional knowledge of certain topics, etc. An applicant must choose only one of these, though.Additionally, we search for the following personality traits in our prospective students:Appreciation for history, culture, fine art, and music.Desire to put intellectual pursuits ahead of materialistic or hedonistic desires.Politeness, courteousness, and graciousness.Revolutionary thinking beyond limits, far ahead of the curve, with no respect for the established status quo.While students from wealthy countries can usually apply and go through a straightforward admission process, we also have recruitment offices, where dedicated educators search for students in war-torn, ravaged, and poor countries who have the potential to positively affect the human future.RulesWe do not permit wild parties, raucous music, or generally unprofessional behavior.All students must either wear dress clothing (suits or buttoned shirts), work clothing (lab coats, engineer aprons), or the school uniform within the main school buildings. Free dress is permitted within the dormitories and around the general grounds. The school uniform has been crafted by top fashion designers from around the world.CostsAll fees, including tuition, spaceflight, food, and dorms are free for the students, and completely covered by the Infinity Fund, part of the nonprofit organization that established the school.
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