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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Pros and cons of a shared well

Instructions and Help about Pros and cons of a shared well

80% of adults feel that they don't have enough time with the people they care about that's too much that's too many That's not me because we have this practical space where we share the burden welcome to our house this is an old mill 500 years old that we created and started a collective in and I stay at home well my name is Frederick and I work as an educator and have my own company with a conversation game called smack where I do a lot of public speaking as well around schools and stuff and we would love to show you our home in this big area that really think that's me Alena dawn saga and Elmo and this is our house and this our corner of the house we have these three rooms this is the living room Music Music two years ago we we got this possibility of renting this space this like huge facility and we didn't really know anything before we came here and met with the owner and I was instantly in love with this place so when we saw it was in the in the late winter and nothing had bloomed yet where you just see how everything would how it would become and how you could use flies all these different areas of the of the ground and everything we lived in an apartment we had two kids one and three at that time and for us that was the point where we couldn't stay and it contained in a small apartment anymore we both grew up in the countryside having grass and green stuff around and for me like I read and dive into these concepts a lot knowing how much your kids get out of these circumstances I couldn't really bear living in an apartment not giving them it and also just all those stays with the weather weather weather was amazing and you couldn't get anything out of it because you had to do so much to get down for just so like we lived in a fourth floor and just all the practicalities of getting out of the door was just a stubbing cost of not getting there I'm the kid sorry I'm here this is just a place for play right every kid that comes into this house immediately runs into this small house I think it's it's a fantasy for all kids to feel big and that's what you do in a small house Music we tried to hide the toys so we can take them out this is a legal closet where you have like small compartments of worlds right now these were just a mess but this is like the city superhero world you can get out and then play within that Music yeah so we made a bet out of an ordinary bunk but but they they sleep together because they want to be tucked in together since I started.

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