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How does the rest of the world see your country?
PHILIPPINES!Hi this is Martin and I would like to represent the Philippines!Did you know that? Philippines is an archipelago boasts an abundance of islands - the previous total of islands were 7107 and now the Philippine archipelago comprises about 7,641 islands which only about 2,000 are inhabited.We have Rich, Middle and Poor Class:BUSINESS:FOODS:And we have these Natural Resources!Boracay:Banaue Rice Terraces:Enchanted River:Aliwagwag Falls:And here’s more!and you can swim with whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu!CULTURES and RELIGIONS:Muslim:Roman Catholics:Aeta:and more!PEOPLE:No Language Barrier:Over 90% of the population speaks English.2nd global outsourcing sector or BPO sector.The advantages are everybody speaks English in the Philippines, from a 3 year old kid to the 90 year old granny. English is the language of the government, and the preference for written communication, be it in school or business. There are also plenty of English version newspapers and magazines.The COLORFUL JEEPNEY:HANDSOME AND PRETTY FACES (CELEBRITIES AND NONE-CELEBRITIES in our Country):The Miss Universe 2022 Pia Alonzo WurtzbachThe Miss World 2022 Megan YoungThe Miss International 2022 Kylie VerzosaOur future beauty queens 3 ,)LAST BUT NOT LEAST:A tough Leader! The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Roa Duterte.He is a former mayor of Davao City, Philippines. One of the safest city in the Philippines. Duterte was among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines, serving seven terms and totaling more than 22 years in office.He assumed the office last June 30, 2022 after he served as mayor in Davao City. He is the first Mindanaon president and the oldest person to be elected president of the Philippines.The best thing with him is he is against to the corruption, drugs, terrorism, etc... He has the guts to crush these ---------.... He ordered to kill drug pushers, users and Drug lords if they offer a violent resistance and declares Martial Law in entire island of Mindanao, Philippines after the ISIS-inspired terrorist group sieged the Marawi City. He then ordered to crush and kill the life of these terrorist.He wants to crush the terrorist groups such as Maute groups, Abu-sayyaf, BIFF et al. an ISIS-inspired terrorist groups in the Philippines for the sake of our future generations.He won the 2022 TIME's 100 most influential people in the world and beats President Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Xi Jinping etc...They call him "The Punisher" and the Trump of the East.Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Wins TIME 100 Reader PollHe knows what to do in the government. He is a lawyer and he was a prosecutor. He won the presidency in a landslide victory.Let's end these problems in the Philippines or at least to minimize!Despite of these terrorism, poverty, corruption, disaster, colonial mentality, culture, different religions, crisis and inflation. The people of the Philippines can still manage to smile or laugh and staying positive at our problems.That's why I LOVE OF BEING A FILIPINO.THANK YOU FOR READING!
What's the weirdest thing a guest has done at your house?
When I was in high school I had a friend who told me her parents were verbally and physically abusive towards her and each other and were threatening to kick her out of the house when she turned 18. She was a very nice girl who was seemingly intelligent that I had been friend with for about a year and my parents had met and liked. I asked my parents if she could come live with us if her parents did actually kick her out. After a week of thinking they eventually agreed that her situation was a bad one and we would be happy to help her out. We did not have a spare bedroom in our house so if she was going to stay with us for the remainder of her senior year she would have to stay in my room. Because we were so up close and personal my family got to see her do some really strange and confusing things.One strange thing she did was put her HOT curling and straightening irons directly on the pillows on my bed while she was using them. One day when I was making my bed I flipped over one of my pillows and it has burn marks all over the back side. I told her that i’d rather she curled her hair in the bathroom and then my mom asked me why there were burn marks on our washcloths. When we confronted her about the pillows and the washcloths she said that she was afraid she would burn our counter tops and my bedside table (which was metal…). So instead she decided to put hot flat/curling irons on pillows and washcloths between grabbing pieces of hair?Although there were many many other things she did that ultimately caused my parents to ask her to move a month into her stay, there was one thing that really weirded me out. When she moved in one of the only things I asked of her was that she didn't wear my clothes. I am allergic to almost every detergent so I had to use a different detergent than my other family members and I wanted to prevent possible rash breakouts. I didn't borrow her clothes, she didn't borrow mine. To avoid having to spend extra time in the morning getting ready I would almost always put out the clothing I was planning on wearing the next day. She would get up and leave earlier than I did every morning to go to a club activity before school. When I would get up 30 minutes later all or most of the clothing I would lay out would be gone. When I got to school she would be wearing the clothes I had put out, down to the underwear and bra. Even after I asked her to stop, any time I put clothes out to wear, whether it be the night before or a couple mins before a shower, she would take ONLY the underwear I had chosen and wear it that day. I have always wondered why she chose to continuously take and wear my clean underwear/bras when she had just as many pairs and even bought herself some multiple times during her short stay with us. I was left utterly disgusted.
Could the President of the United States pardon someone via tweet? Would the pardon be invalidated if the tweet were subsequently deleted?
To be honest, this is a difficult question to answer.This is the kind of question that four years ago, we would only have discussed when both of us reached the bottom of a fifth of whiskey together. Today, this is the kind of question that makes me want to reach the bottom of that same fifth of whiskey by myself without sharing it with you.As with much of this administration, we are well and truly off the edges of the Constitutional map. There be dragons here.So, the TL,DR version is• we don’t know.The long version is• well, we really don’t know.Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution states:The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States, he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.Honestly, that just doesn’t give us a lot to go on here.There is no method prescribed in this clause about how he’s supposed to go about giving these pardons. This power appears to be pretty unconstrained by the text of the Constitution itself. Unless someone’s being impeached or has been impeached, the President gets to forgive any offense against the United States.There’s nothing in the Constitution that states whether the President can withdraw a pardon, either. And so far in the history of the United States, that’s never happened.The history of the pardon has been instructive for previous officeholders.It was a holdover from English law as mercy from the head of government, and was always understood as just that. There was just an expectation when this was drafted into the Constitution that the President would sort of understand that.One guy, George Mason, was understandably nervous about all this, because he envisioned a day would come when a President might look at all of the norms and traditions surrounding the office and say, “Meh• fuck that.” In particular, Mason argued that the President“ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. It may happen, at some future day, that he will establish a monarchy, and destroy the republic. If he has the power of granting pardons before indictment, or conviction, may he not stop inquiry and prevent detection? The case of treason ought, at least, to be excepted. This is a weighty objection with me.”I mean, really, clairvoyant at all, Mason?James Madison dismissed Mason’s concerns because of the whole “except in cases of impeachment” bit, arguing that Congress would always do its job and serve as a check, and that if the President started acting like this, that surely the House would impeach him and the Senate would convict him.Madison was a genius, but sometimes, he was just a little naive.The pardon power has always been, up to now, a formal thing, usually done in the waning days of office. There’s generally been a panel of people who dig through cases and look for folks who probably got a bad turn, or who got more of a sentence than they really deserved. And the President reviewed those recommendations and issued formal orders pardoning those people. It was a ritual of sorts, but one whose rules are unwritten and simply a product of tradition and history.All of that is out the window with the Orange Menace. He doesn’t understand one whit of civics or history, and even if he did, he and those around him give precisely zero fucks about either.This is what a Constitutional crisis looks like in practice.It’s a kinda vague document in a lot of places, and it was written that way on purpose. So, by unspoken agreement, everyone’s generally just sort of nibbled around the edges of it and “well, we sort of think it means this based on legislative history and context and the world they were living in at the time…”Here, you have a person who doesn’t give a single rat’s ass what the Constitution is even clear about. His entire career has been based on telling those around him to do things and then letting them figure out how to make that happen. At least half the time, those things weren’t even legal, much less good policy. Adhering to a document whose purpose is to constrain him?So, now, we’re left with a vague document meant to rein in abuses by people like this and a court system meant to fill in the interpretations of that ambiguity being packed with people of his own nomination whose lone qualification in many cases is, and I’m not even kidding, “loyal to the party line.” I mean, what can go wrong with that, right?So, based on that• the answer is hazy at best and probably depends on whether or not the Federalist Society bootlickers being appointed to the Federal bench have not yet had their backbones surgically removed in the political process.Could the President pardon someone by tweet? Probably yes. Could he withdraw a pardon from someone? Hell if I know• maybe? Probably? Would a court uphold either? 50/50.Thanks for the A2A, Habib.
How can I prove that Noah's flood did not cover the whole earth with water 4000 years ago? I am married to someone who believes that the contents of the Bible are the infallible word of god.
There are SO many problems with the Noah’s flood claim that it’s hard to know where to start. However, here are a few of the biggest problems with it:A handful of people somehow used stone-age tools to build a large wooden ship in which to cram potentially MILLIONS of animals, along with their many specific dietary and other requirements for an entire YEAR. That much cargo would have sunk the ship immediately. Not only that, but even with today's advanced tools and engineering it would be impossible to build such a large wooden ship without it immediately breaking apart in rough flood waters.Most animals would have had to travel IMMENSE distances to get to the ark, including many like termites, snails, sloths, koalas and penguins that have limited mobility, or that can only tolerate a narrow range of environmental conditions, or that have highly specialized diets.ALL the many diseases and parasites specific to each species would have had to be carried by at least one of each animal. Tens of thousands of diseases affect humans alone. I wonder which of Noah's family members carried all the venereal diseases exclusive to humans….For nearly all existing fossils to have been created by the flood, right before the rain started falling there had to have been an average of over 2,000 vertebrate species—ranging in size from tiny shrews to massive dinosaurs—for EVERY ACRE of land on the planet. That's not even counting the more than 90% of species that are invertebrates.If the rain came from a vapor canopy, it would have had to be superheated. If it came from ice falling from orbit, it would have become superheated upon entering the atmosphere. Add to that the water coming from the “fountains of the deep,” as the Bible describes it, which from even just a mile down would be boiling hot, and there's easily enough heat to have vaporized the oceans and destroyed virtually all life on Earth.The seismic activity pulling the continents apart, forcing up mountain ranges, and causing nearly all the world's volcanoes to erupt at the same time would have poisoned the atmosphere, generated enough heat to vaporize the oceans, and once again destroyed virtually all life on Earth.The amount of sedimentation that would need to have been mixed into the water to account for all the sedimentary layers being laid down at once would kill virtually all marine life. And most of the remaining life would have died from the radical changes in water salinity.After the flood, the water covering the entire Earth's surface would have had to go somewhere, but there is no mechanism for getting rid of anywhere near that much water.After spending a year in cramped quarters without exercise, the animals would have had to travel up to many thousands of miles across often inhospitable terrain and vast oceans to reach their natural habitats. This includes all the animals that move extremely slowly or can only survive in limited environments.Almost no land plants or their seeds can survive immersion in water for a year, so after the flood the land would be barren, providing no food or habitats for the newly released animals.Just eight stone-age humans would have had to repopulate their former lands across the planet, reviving all the lost languages, writing, religions, professions, technologies and other unique societal developments of their former cultures, without showing any interruptions in their historical records, nor mentioning anything about a global flood AT ALL. And those eight people would have had to reproduce so incredibly rapidly that in just 150 years (fewer than eight generations) they would have had enough people to build Stonehenge, the pyramids and numerous cities mentioned in the Bible, as well as populate all of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, China, and the Americas with MILLIONS of people. All this while experiencing war, disease and global famine during a migration across the entire planet. Even using a global growth rate TWICE as fast as the most rapid ever recorded in human history, there would be fewer than 5,000 people in the entire world in those 150 years, which is nowhere near the MILLIONS of people required to match even the most conservative historical estimates.The realization that the ark described in the Bible would be orders of magnitude too small to fit millions of species and their supplies--even if only young, small specimens were brought on board—has caused many creationists to conclude that new species can evolve after all…at least up to a point. They define the biblical “kind” at the genus or even family level in an attempt to bring the number of species on board the ark from millions down into the thousands. The idea is that there was a single cat kind, a single antelope kind, a single beetle kind, a single two-legged carnivorous dinosaur kind, and so on, and that AFTER leaving the ark they all rapidly evolved into multiple species to account for the tens of millions of species seen both in the fossil record and alive today.But for that to work, all the surviving animals would need to have evolved at a MASSIVELY accelerated rate right after the flood. Just to give one example, the basic “cat kind” would have had to evolve into lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards, cheetahs, caracals, mountain lions, wildcats, lynxes, bobcats, jaguars, jaguarundis, ocelots, servals, saber-toothed cats, domestic cats, and the rest of the 13 cat genera, 40 cat species and hundreds of subspecies…and do it quickly enough to show up as mummified remains, artwork and written historical records all within a few hundred years of the flood. Ironically, that pace of evolution is far FASTER than evolutionary theory predicts. Not only that, but before splitting into multiple species, each "kind" would first have had to breed up to thousands of groups to then send to all their new environments, some of which were many thousands of miles away. Only THEN could they have evolved into the tens of millions of species that exist today and in the fossil record. However, there is no historical or fossil evidence anywhere of tens of millions of animal groups suddenly appearing, migrating all over the globe, and then rapidly evolving into new species within a few hundred years.Further reading:Problems with a Global FloodThe Impossible Voyage of Noah's ArkThat should do for now….(Edited for clarity and some additional material)
If you know that your partner is an exhibitionist narcissist, how can you use that knowledge to get what you want?
If you know your partner is an Exhibitionist Narcissist, you can use the following characteristics most Exhibitionist Narcissists share to get more of what you want and head off some pointless arguments:They have unstable self-esteem and need external validation.They like to be right.They like to give advice.They tend to claim other people’s ideas as their own.Here are some ways you can use the above:Unstable Self-EsteemHow to use: You can consciously choose to boost your partner’s self-esteem by mentioning something that you admire about them that they do well. This will put them in a positive frame of mind.Be sure to choose something true and also, if possible, mention some details about a time they demonstrated this trait or ability.Then, if you ask them for something, they will be more inclined to give you what you want. By acknowledging their strengths, they become less afraid you will judge them, and more relaxed and open towards you.Example—I was just telling my friend Sylvia about what a great vocabulary you have. I remember the time we played Scrabble with that couple who were bragging about how good they were. You won every game!They Like to Be RightHow to use: You want them to buy into a plan you have and do it your way, but you know they will object unless the idea comes from them. Simply start your sentence with: You were so right! We definitely should do (fill in the blank).Very few people with NPD are inclined to disagree with any statement or proposal which acknowledges them as right. This is a bit manipulative, but it can help you get agreement.Let’s imagine that the two of you once went to a restaurant that you would now like to go back to again. Let’s also imagine that your Narcissistic partner might turn it down if you simply say that you want to go there. So..you make it their idea.Example—You were so right about that restaurant. It really is better than others. I didn’t see your point at first, but now I think you were 100% right. How about we go there tonight and you can pick another new dish for us to try?They Like to Give AdviceHow to use: You want to go out shopping for something for the house. You want them to go with you because you know from experience that if you just go out and buy it without them, they will criticize whatever you buy. In order to head off the criticism, you get them to help choose the item or to give you advice. This works best when you actually like their taste. Again, start with praise.Example—You have such good taste! I love your sense of color and proportion. Would you be willing to go with me to buy that new lamp for the bedroom? I would love your opinion.They Tend to Claim Other People’s Work as their OwnHow to use: This is another manipulation in which you use their own tendency against them. This involves a bit of reverse “Gaslighting.” You give them credit for your idea and plant in their mind that it was their idea. This combines their desire to be right with their grandiose belief that everything good must come from them. This is not strictly ethical, but it can be a “win-win” solution and head off an unpleasant argument.Example—I have been thinking about that idea you proposed a while back that we should (fill in the blank with something you would like). I realize you were right and I was wrong. We should definitely do it your way.Punchline: It is possible to get more of what you want from your Narcissistic partner by catering to their need to elevate their self-esteem, their desire be acknowledged as right, and their love of giving advice.A2AElinor Greenberg, PhD, CGPIn private practice in NYC and the author of the book: Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Adaptations.www.elinorgreenberg.com
What's the most ridiculous thing you've heard a parent say when fighting for custody in court?
My mom and stepdad are currently fighting over custody over my 15 year old sister and 7 year old brother (i’m 18 so even if he was my biological dad I still wouldn’t be in it for custody). My stepdad has always been a narcissistic, manipulative, drunk bastard. He’s extremely homophobic (he tried to kick me out of the house more then 4 times because I’m attracted to women) and violent. He married my mom when I was four and I can remember being hit all of my life. Once he pushed my mom and she fell and broke her spine. Now, my stepdad’s mother is wealthy. And she’s an “intervening party” in the custody case. If this legal case was a triangle with my mom, my stepdad, and his mother are in a triangle, his mother is paying for two sides of the triangle because she’s paying for her own legal fees as an intervening party AND she’s paying for my stepdad’s legal fees.My stepdad got emergency custody because he stole my sister’s phone, went through it, and found text evidence of my mother asking my sister to get her pills together so she could take them. My mom has severe ADHD and takes prescription every day so the emergency custody order was granted because my mother was having my sister “handle her narcotics”. The police came and took my siblings away from their home crying on January 29th and as of the day I’m writing this (Feb. 25th), they are allowed zero (0) contact with their mother whatsoever. My sister snapchats me almost every day saying she wants to come home.Okay, on to the ridiculous things they said in the first hearing: they made my mother look like a complete drug addict AND they made my sister out to be a sex-crazed party girl. My 15 year old sister’s FATHER and GRANDMOTHER called her a whore in front of a courtroom full of people, the judge, and God himself. In their lawyer’s opening statement they said “It’s too late for [my sister’s name] but what about [my brother’s name]?”The most ridiculous part about this: my stepfather is a non functioning alcoholic who actually lives with his parents. The only thing that makes him a better parent in the court’s eye is that he has a job. My mother just moved to a completely new city because she had no support whatsoever after my stepdad moved TO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STATE for work without telling anyone that it was permanent and because he refused to pay the bills on the house. She has not had a chance to get a job just yet. She also has not had the chance to defend herself in court. She was absent from the ex parte (i think that’s how it’s spelled) hearing and the defense only got to speak for 30 minutes out of the whole 5 1/2 hour hearing!!!!!! My stepfather and his mother had all kinds of bullshit “expert witnesses” (none of which were subpoenaed by the way. which means that they were being PAID to be there) that wasted time so my mother couldn't defend herself.He still has temporary custody of the kids. But that’s only because they lied to the judge’s face and perverted justice. He told the judge he wasn’t working until May but five days after the hearing he was back at his parents house going back to work. There’s a three day trial set for the end of April but my mother still can’t speak to her children. The justice system should be on my mother’s side and it’s so heartbreaking and discouraging to see with my own eyes that money buys justice. He and his mother have completely ruined their relationship with the kids and everyone else. And for what?? to hurt my mom???? They have no case, they’re hurting the kids, and they’re BURYING my mother in legal fees. The kids will never forgive what their father and grandmother because what they’re doing to them is unforgivable.
What is the “Nifty” in the shares market?
Nifty 50 is one of the main market indices in India.It is a prepackaged list of 50 important stocks across different sectors. These are the largest and most traded stocks.If majority of these stocks are doing well, the Nifty trend is up.If the majority is down, the Nifty trend is down.Uses for a busy value investor:At any moment, if you want to check the market trends and how they are doing, you just check the general trend- That is Nifty 50. It gives a minute by minute reading.It shows the general perception of market participants. If up, it indicates the people are optimistic about the future.For example, the Index at 10:55 AM on 25th May 2022 was at 9427 but a few hours later it moves to 9355. A drop of few points in a day indicates that the participants are not too optimitic.It can be used to see your performance in the stock market. For example last year you earned a return of 16%, but what if the same year Nifty moved up by 30%? It indicates you need to relook at your portfolio.It saves a hell lot of time.I learnt this on Zerodha Varsity.Check the trend here.Check the stocks contributing to Nifty 50 today at Money Control.
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