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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing selling a house with a shared well

Instructions and Help about selling a house with a shared well

So I'm here today with Francisco botella and Francisco called me about doing a shared well loan forum and it was a house that had more than four homes connected to it was actually his house he's a real estate agent as well Francisco tell me a little bit about our first conversation that we had well the first conversation we had I called Dave and I i called him because my lender was giving me a hard time about my loan with the well we actually have we had five properties on a well and at the last minute the lender he decided they couldn't get it done because of FHA guidelines and I call David because I saw his blog online and he had somebody that had the same issue that I had and so I you know I related to that and i called him up just to see if how he worked was kind of skeptical at first but I called him up on how he were your various get the ball first yeah I actually had him give me a couple referrals and stuff for people that he's worked with before and everything checked out really good so I decided to kill him the file and sure enough I mean he sounded really confident about getting it done that's what made me want to go with him I change the file over to him and it took about two weeks and I mean it was pretty smooth he got it done and I have my house now I've got the house my wife's happy everybody's happy yeah we're really happy with him and and the way that he he handled this is whole transaction thanks man you want to give a quick plug for yourself yeah maybe throw out your phone number oh yeah I mean I for real estate agent if if anybody's looking for a house I work pretty much in the west side give me a call my phone number 60 2769 29 65 and if you have one question whatever I'm sure to help you.

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