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Shared Well Laws Arizona Form: What You Should Know

A  well may contain an unlimited number of users. In the case of a two-way shared well, the water used by all users of the system must be  equal to an estimated amount the well can produce, so a well may not always produce the full amount of water designated in the agreement SHARED WELL AGREEMENTS For a well to be considered shared, each of the parties must have an ownership interest. SHARED WELL AGREEMENTS FOR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Sole-plaintiff and Limited-liability defendant: As per the Arizona State Property Code, any joint occupant, owner, or creditor of a property who operates a well share agreement on the property must sign and agree to be bound by the same contracts as any other owner if the parties are not the same.   Liability limitations: Each party's share is limited to the portion of the property that the parties agree to share. If the parties are not the same and the property has been subdivided into an unlimited number of lots, the limit is 2 lots divided equitably into a few portions, with each lot having a maximum amount of water available per parcel. The  maximum amount per parcel is determined by calculating: 1. 2 acres x 2 wells x 2 households = Maximum allowable portion of land If the property has been subdivided into lots less than 2 acres in size and divided equally into 100 lots, there is no maximum. If the property has been subdivided into lots less than 2 acres in size and divided equally into more than 100 lots, there is no maximum. The maximum allowed is 20% of the total size of the original (original) lot, divided into the 100 lot portion equitably, and then divided into 20 separate lots, equitably. The maximum allowable is 20% of the total size of the original (original) lot, divided into the 200 lots portion equitably, and then divided into 20 separate lots, equitably. A maximum of 300 people may share a well. If there are fewer than 300 people sharing a well, if the total water production from the shared well exceeds 1 million gallons or the total water production from the wells being shared exceeds 500,000 gallons, the share of the water produced by the people sharing the well equals 20%, or 200 gallons, divided equally among the 300 people sharing the well.

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Instructions and Help about Shared Well Laws Arizona

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