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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How many houses can a well support

Instructions and Help about How many houses can a well support

I'm gonna do a video today that's a little different than most of my videos this one is actually not really concerning fixing something or doing a home repair it's just about a well system that I have installed in this house which is a system that I did a lot of research trying to figure out how to design this and in the end it turned out that there was actually the equipment already existed to do what I wanted to do which was to have a system that would create a reserve source of water for a house that had a was in a well with a low recovery well which this house is on the well here is 260 feet deep it's a grill well and it only has a recovery of about a gallon and a half a minute so what would happen prior to this system being installed there would be times when if person did a couple loads of long maybe somebody to pryou'd be at a water because the a gallon half minute recovery it was taking too long to to come back and the system that's installed here as a 200-gallon tank and explain it as I go normally my videos I don't mention names of manufacturers of equipment it's pretty much generic but I'm going to make an exception in this case now you may find product that does the same thing as this unit but key to this system is this Franklin electric pump tech the significance of this unit is that it has sensors on it which will sense when the submersible pump in the well is running low on one and it'll key off the system now as we can see right now this light is flashing and I'm going to go over the different statuses of this unit what that means right now is that the pump down and the well is running and pumping water into storage tank which I will show on the video I really didn't want to get into drawing diagrams because to me it's kind of reminiscent of learning something in school and I didn't want to make this overly complicated but there's a fair amount of variables to the system so I couldn't really think of any other way to properly describe it so here's my pretty little picture I drew down here this is down the ground the water in the well here's a submersible pump and the two hundred and sixty foot pipe but that pump is down at the bottom up so I've drawn here is the pipe coming up into the top of a 200 gallon storage tank right here and this is representing the AC power so the power here gets fed to this submersible pump it runs and fills this tank now the key thing here is as I mentioned with a low recovery well that pump down here you don't want this.


How close to a well can you build?
Buildings and Wells In order to safely and effectively do this, access to the well is needed. In order to have access, and keep the well safe, a building, building addition, overhang, deck, canopy, or other structure may not be built over, or within 3 feet of any existing well.
Can you have 2 pressure tanks One well?
In short, you can have as many pressure tanks as you like. Locating them closer to the point of use (the house) would be helpful, to a limited extent. That limited extent is the "effective volume" of the pressure tank at the house - while it's got pressure, you get better pressure at the house.
How big should my well be?
The Water Well Board suggests that the minimum water supply capacity for use inside a home should be at least 600 gallons within a two-hour period, or about 5 gallons per minute for 2 hours.
Can you hook two well pressure tanks together?
Connect the two water pressure tanks to the main supply line. Once your water pressure tanks are in their proper position, use T-fittings to connect each tank individually to the main line. Install an isolation valve on each connection.
Where should well be located?
The best well site is in an elevated area which allows any surrounding surface water or rain to drain away from your well. This helps prevent contaminants from entering your well water. Also, stay away from steep slopes.
What is the average lifespan of a water well?
The average lifespan for a well is 30 1350 years. 2. How deep is the well? Drilled wells typically go down 100 feet or more.
Will a bigger pressure tank increase water pressure?
An important thing to remember, the higher the operating pressure 13 the larger the tank must be. Pressure and tank size have a direct correlation 13 as one increases, so does the other.
Can water well be placed anywhere?
There can be no drilling anywhere but the well.It is also important to consider whether water tables and the quality of water are the same in different areas of the country. The underground aquifer does not guarantee, however if you look up water well drillers in a particular area, you will likely discover it.
How close to property line can you put a well?
As a general guidance, personal drinking water wells should have a minimum horizontal distance of at least 10 feet and preferably 25 feet from such boundaries. State or local standards may be less or more stringent in your area.
How close to a house can a well be?
The minimum distance from a driven or drilled well to a residential structure is typically 5 to 10 feet measured to the farthest building projection. This is usually the roof overhang.
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