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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Missouri shared well laws

Instructions and Help about Missouri shared well laws

Hi there I'm Wendy Hernandez and I'm the creator and the founder of the command the courtroom one-day workshop series so today I want to talk to you a little bit about building your best custody case specifically I want to talk to you about mothers rights versus fathers rights so there's this urban myth out there in the world that we live in a mothers rights world and I'm here to tell you that that's not the case anymore judges attitudes are becoming more progressive the world is evolving and what judges are really looking at is what is in the best interests of the children so if you're a mom and you're fighting for custody or parenting time my advice to you is don't get too lackadaisical don't get overconfident and think that just because you're the mom that you're going to get custody or parenting time automatically that's not the case you're still going to have to prove your case to the court and if you're a dad don't get overly discouraged don't despair and thank just because you're the dad there is no hope for you there's no chance that you can ever you could ever get cuts to your parenting time of your children that's not the case either you two have to prove your case so let's talk about proving your case what you have to do in these types of cases is show the judge what is in the best interest of your children how do you do that well in each state in the United States of America there's a statute which governs child custody and parenting time and in those statutes they will list the factors that the court is going to look at in making a decision about custody and parenting time what your job is to do is is to present each of the factors that applies to your case along with the supporting testimony and evidence so let me give you an example in Arizona our statute is probably eight or ten factors long and some of those factors are that the judge is going to look at are what are the wishes of the child that the child is old enough to have an opinion the judge will look at whether those infant of s domestic violence in the relationship the judge will look at if there are other significant relationships that affect the child so that might be relationships that the child has with the new significant other or with grandparents or step-siblings the judge will look at the child's adjustment to home and community so how is the judge doing in school or how's the child doing in school does the child have friends in the neighborhood there's a child participate in extracurricular activities so that's all under the child's adjustment to home school and community those are just a few of the factors that judges in Arizona consider in making a decision about.

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