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Instructions and Help about Neighbor using my well

A world Wells Texas the little rough wood building right there used to be a dog kennel that they converted into a house this is one of the houses right here the cult members it's where Katherine Grove and her husband live there's been a lot of interaction myself with people here on this road with the Church of Wells where I've been chastised and rebuked by them by mom public property they said not to be walking past their houses that they may have to take legal action if I continue to walk past their house there's one of the wives she's got behind the vehicle there where she'd be hard to see hiding well as we go by and they see the cameras they tend to kind of scurry into their homes so they'll all go into hiding they don't interact well with the people of the community and they're really pretty reclusive in a lot of ways pastor Jim thank you so much for joining us what in the world is going on over there in your opinion as Jordan said earlier it's a cult doing cult things and the longer it goes on the more obvious it is what's what's taking place there we've seen it go from really change from in the beginning I called them a bunch of boys trying to do a man's job just thought that they were really confused as far as doctrinally and things we've watched them really move and morph into really a machine soon as me and you live very close to their property right I do and I have a church that actually joins their property and then we have a an automotive shop that joins another piece of property where they have a shed and you've talked to these elders oh yes and have you had a civil conversation with them very few if they're men of God and and you are as well what is it where's the breakdown come from well usually whenever I begin to question their their motives and a particular thing or how they've handled people it's not so much doctrinally we've not had a lot of doctrinal discussions of you but that's not been where the problems been the problem has been is is how they handle people and how they're what they're doing and manipulating in people's lives and their minds what have you seen them do that you consider manipulative well certainly in the controlling the way they control their their women for one the wives are not allowed to walk beside the husband's that you see them walking around town a lot they walk you know 10 12 feet behind them and they're the wives do most all of the work around the homes the husbands they do work but they go out and do it and so I've seen them as far as whenever you interact with them there they're not allowed even the men.

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