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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing No new wells in washington state

Instructions and Help about No new wells in washington state

One of the most common questions about water wells is how much does it cost to drill per foot that is based on your casing diameter a 6-inch casing downer is the current standard for domestic water wells in Canada on a 6-inch casing it starts as low as $36 per foot to around $55 most well drillers also have a minimum charge usually a hundred feet which at $45 per foot would be $4,500 sometimes included in the per foot charge is the annular seal and the drive shoe and sometimes is extra daniel air seal prevents the intermixing of the aquifers and also prevents contamination from surface water the drive shoe which is a beveled edge sleeve or coupling that is attached to the bottom of pipe or casing to act as a cutting edge in most cases and systems it also acts as a protector for the pipe or casing to prevent splitting assuming there's a productive water well drilled the first time and now to dry well here are some of the items needed to complete the project pitless adapter which is a mechanical device used to prfrost free sanitary well connection stainless steel well screen which stops sediment from entering a water well while liner or pump protector this protects the pump from the well caving in the bottom section is usually perforated to let water into it most contractors use four-inch PVC casing for the well liner however some contractors have found that using schedule 40 steel casing in lieu of PVC has resulted in a better installation PVC casing is sometimes not rugged enough for the application in circumstances where the well has a caving condition the wells on it straight or the installation will be very deep steel casing may be the best choice for the job one cost that most clients aren't aware of is water well development all new water wells should be developed before putting into production to achieve San free water at the highest possible specific capacity or to increase the well yield gallons per minute and have San free water repair damage done to the formation by drilling operation so that the natural hydraulic properties are restored and alter the basic physical characteristics of the aquifer near the borehole so that water will flow more freely to well water well drillers use a number of different while development techniques to achieve this here are a few examples airlifting jetting search block you will also need to have a trench dug for the waterline and power source if you find a low production zone like a half a government you also need to have a cistern installed which the water well will keep full usually a sistering costs upwards of $2,000 most people are reluctant to drill water well without knowing if they'll find water and if so at what depth drilling a water well can easily cost between ten to thirty thousand dollars per hole.


How long does it take to walk into a gun store and come out with a semi-automatic, if I have a clean record in America?
It depends on the state, and I’m not an expert - but I wanted to share my personal experience for a couple reasons.It may surprise some people - especially non-gun ownersI feel it illustrates that gun control and gun laws are two different things and before jumping to the conclusion that we need more (or fewer) laws pertaining to guns, everyone should take a few minutes to educate themselves and use common sense (gasp)This is my first time gun buying experience from about 4–5 years ago.I’d done quite a bit of research online, pretty much settled on what I wanted and decided it was time to walk into a gun store to look and make the final decision in person. After about 15 minutes I’d settled on a gen 4 Glock 19. The store was running a special on the gen 4s and I received a free box of ammunition, as well as an extra magazine. Awesome.Next up it was time to go through the background check and pay. I had to wait, because there was an older guy and his son in front of me. He was purchasing the gun for his son (because he wasn’t 21) - apparently his son was joining a junior police academy and needed a handgun. Well, his background check came back - he had some kind of domestic abuse charge - no gun for you, no gun for your son. The owner of the gun shop chastised him for even wasting her time since he clearly knew that was on his record.My turn. They ran my details, everything came back clean and it was time to pay. Something people may not realize is that guns aren’t cheap. Mine was close to $500. That’s a decent chunk of change and puts them out of many people’s reach economically. Of course, I’d imagine criminals acquire weapons for much less - but then again they don’t go through the proper channels.Great, background check cleared, I’ve paid and ready to go. The guy behind the counter bags things up and hands it to me - then the owner starts berating him. Apparently by putting the newly purchased gun (still in the case) and the box of ammunition, into the same bag they were setting me up to get a felony when I walked out of the store. They also gave me specific instructions about putting the gun and/or ammo in the trunk of my car - NOT the passenger compartment. Again, throwing the now two separate shopping bags into my back seat would have potentially been criminal (felony).This is where things get crazy. In Ohio, you can load up a gun - put it in a holster (on the outside of your clothes) and walk around in most public places. But, as soon as you cover up the gun - or get into a car with it - you’re breaking the law (felony) unless you’ve gotten a special license/permit. This requires more background checks, fingerprinting, attending a class, paying more money, etc.Now, let’s say you’re all about following the letter of the law and you go through all of these steps so that you can carry your gun in your car. Things don’t get easier - because each state can be different. Despite having a permit, passing the background checks, etc - if you happen to drive into Chicago you could be in a lot of trouble. Apparently, you can drive right through with no problems, but if you step foot outside of your car (even to get gas, even if you leave the gun in the car) you’re now in a world of trouble (felony). It makes you wonder why Chicago has so much gun violence when the gun laws there are so strict.The laws are very strict for gun owners, they can be very confusing, and it seems, by definition, only followed by law abiding citizens.
What does a person with Alzheimer's disease typically experience on a daily basis?
This is an excellent question, and one I've considered often in the last decade plus of working with such folks.First, it depends upon the stage of dementia: mild, moderate or severe.In mild dementia, it seems to be like being a functional alcoholic's day, as far as cognition goes.  You're able to do what you need to do, but some little things get missed, such as your T-shirt is on backwards, but you don't notice, or you can't find the sugar bowl so you start taking apart cupboards and end up going without coffee and the kitchen is a mess.  Later, you swear you did not do that.  You have no memory of doing it, and the more another person argues you did, indeed, make that mess, the angrier you get.  You did not.  They are lying.  The whole day goes like this- close to normal, but not quite.  Routines are easy, anything new is... more difficult.  And, if asked about someone or thing from earlier in the day, you may or may not remember the event. By the end of the day, you're tired of thinking, but your brain keeps throwing up odd thoughts and ideas- things like, "I can't find the car keys.  Someone must have stolen them! I need the car keys" and you may wander, rummage, pull things out of drawers for a couple hours, at the end of which you may be unable to tell anyone for what it was you were searching.  Even more telling, you may not have driven a car for the past five years.During moderate dementia, each day is more moment to moment, and routine is your friend.  Anything which is routine is easier for you to experience.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, that's how your day is scheduled.  But something out of the ordinary- like a doctor's appointment- can throw you.  You may balk at going, at getting dressed and getting in the car and going, there's so much mental stimulation involved in such a non-routine event, you prefer to stick to what you know: Breakfast, lunch, dinner- and maybe sitting in the sun, watching the world go by.Activities like taking a shower can become difficult for you, if you think about it, a shower is an event which is very high in stimulation of all sorts: The bathroom is very separate from your normal living space- usually hard-edged and cold-seeming.  Then you must take all your clothing off- naked-  that's just a lot of stimulation itself, and the memories loosely associated with naked are also fraught with stimulation.  The shower makes noise, the temperature difference is apparent, there's soap and shampoo and the scrunchie thing, water in your eyes, your ears, the space is confined, and, by this time, someone is usually in there with you, "helping", which is just weird, no matter how much you understand and accept you need help.  It's one sign diagnostic of moderate dementia: You may start to not like to be washed and clean-  shower or bath.  I remember a gentleman in the Facility I worked in in Washington State,  he was new, and hadn't been showered at the hospital, so on his first full day, the aides gave him a shower.  He spent the rest of the afternoon in tears because, "They threw me in the corner and pelted me with rocks like a piece of trash!"  That's what he felt like.  Another woman would walk, up and down the corridors, but stay far away from windows, saying "There's Indians out there!  They're going to attack!"  It took a long time to figure this one out, she would pace and pace, and could not sit still, always talking about Indians shooting arrows at us.  Finally a nurse asked her if she had been hit by an arrow?  Yes.  Where'd they get you?  Right here, and she clutched her low back, arrggghhhh! It hurt so much!  Going through her medical history a bit closer, we discovered she had been in a car accident years before and suffered a low back injury.  She'd been telling us for weeks what was happening to her, but not in a way which made sense to us,  to her, it made perfect sense: It felt like an arrow in her back.  And who used arrows? Indians!You are losing words, but it doesn't matter much since those around you ignore that loss and fill in the blanks.  Sometimes, you cannot understand what someone else said, like they are speaking a foreign language, and this can make you automatically refuse whatever is being spoken about-  that, too, makes a certain amount of sense.  Someone babbling to you in a foreign language and making "Come with me" motions is someone to view with suspicion, don't you think?  Moderate dementia is the longest part of the disease, usually, which is why I'm spending so much time on it.The slow slide into severe dementia is sometimes difficult to spot as far as an actual line of demarcation, but one sign is sleeping more and more often.  Even during formerly pleasurable activities, such as familiar and enjoyed music, the damage to your brain is so profound, the stimulation is not enough to keep you awake.  You sleep, perchance to dream, but we don't know,  what we know is damage to the areas which are usually lit up like a Christmas tree during dreaming is profound, but, since we don't really understand sleep or dreaming, and it seems rather cruel to take someone who doesn't do well in new situations into a sleep lab and wire their brains for sound and colour, stick them in a tube and say, "Don't move", we don't know.  But that is one of the things I've always wondered about,  it seems to me by the time you are in severe dementia, the difference between awake and dreaming is invisible.Speech is limited, you may have a full thought in your head, but only one or two words come out, if any.  Caregivers learn to listen for the first two or so words and try to discern what the thought is from there, because that's usually all we get.  Eyesight is odd,  you don't know what it is you are seeing.  My current "farthest along in Alzheimer's" Resident today did not recognize a puppy.  She saw it, she gazed at it, I placed her hand on it, but she looked then at her hand, not the puppy, and there was absolutely no engagement between her and the stimulation provided.  She no longer hears music, which is a shame, because she loved music her whole life long, We still play it for her, we still put on her favorite musicals, but there's no engagement anymore.  She does not hear or see any of it other than perhaps a fleeting spark of memory, now gone. In severe dementia, everything is moment to moment, routine means nothing anymore, because there is no past or future, only now.  And then you start your last slide into end-stage dementia,  you sleep 20.5 hours out of 24, and when you are awake, you may as well be dreaming.  You do not meet anyone's eyes, you do not react in any manner to much beyond very painful stimulation, you are almost gone.  We try to feed you, but you don't seem to know what to do with the food in your mouth, and you may choke, which could result in aspiration pneumonia-  never a good thing. Your urine output drops, peristalsis decreases, your body temperature may rise.  And as your organs start to shut down, you sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and slip away, very peacefully.  You're gone.That's what Alzheimer's type dementia is like.
Are Bernie Sanders supporters overstating how much media bias there is against him?
Probably. Due to confirmation bias, it's almost guaranteed that anyone with a horse in the game will notice every example of bias against their candidate, and downplay bias towards their candidate and against the others. In that spirit, here's my view of it, as someone who likes Bernie but supports Clinton.Things that definitely aren't bias Some complaints are bogus and results of wishful thinking/the fact that Bernie is the underdog. For example, a common complaint is that the media called more states early for Hillary. They did that because exit polls showed she was winning those states by large margins, which meant that it was very safe to call the state, based on the historic track record for exit polls. When Bernie won a state (Vermont) by large margins, they also called it immediately for him.Additionally, a lot of the complaints are simply complaints that his odds of success have been consistently understated. For the most part, however, these have been based on polls, which have, with the exception of Michigan, been pretty accurate. Reporting, for example, that Clinton is likely to win VA isn't really bias if she actually does win VA. Polls aren't perfect (see Michigan), but those relying on polls have generally been better than the pro-Bernie pundits (e.g. Bernie Sanders Will Win the Democratic Nomination and Presidency in a Landslide).Things that could be bias: Amount of Coverage: This is probably the most subjective measure, because there's no objective standard on what's the right amount of coverage. Just because Bernie is running, that doesn't mean he's entitled to equal attention. They didn't cover O'Malley or Chafee as much as they did Sanders, because Sanders had more support than them. Similarly, Clinton has always been the favorite for the election: at very few points has it looked like she was going to lose the primary. Among people willing to put money on the line to guess Bernie's odds, he's never been at better than 20% odds (2022 President - Democratic Nomination • more recently it's down to about 5%). Sanders supporters who disagree with that either a) have a really good investment opportunity on betting markets or b) should take a careful look at their cognitive biases. If Clinton is the likely nominee, then that means that she's inherently more newsworthy. I personally think Kasich would be a better nominee than Trump or Cruz, but he's extraordinarily unlikely to win the nomination, and therefore it's less important to learn things about him. Should news media actively start covering Kasich as much as possible? Probably not. You can measure how much coverage Bernie has got against the other candidates, (see Measuring Donald Trump’s Mammoth Advantage in Free Media), and you can make your own judgements on exactly how much would be fair (somewhere between it would be fair to cover him 5 times less than Clinton because that's he's 5 times less likely to be president, or just as much, because he's the only other candidate: the actual answer is about half as much), but there's not a really simple answer to this. On top of this, not all news is good news. For example, Trump has received tons of free media, but the net result has made him less popular in the general election.I also think there's a reasonable point that Sanders's consistency plays against him here. You can only run so many "Sanders decries rigged system and calls for political revolution to cheering crowd in full stadium" stories. He'd probably get more coverage if he made dick jokes and harassed people, but see above point about not all coverage is good coverage.Things that are definitely bias: That said, there's obviously some bias against Bernie out there. In general, I think the crime is that it's frequently a dismissive (probably because they're focussed on his odds of winning and ignoring the equally newsworthy story that he's popular). This isn't just Bernie-supporters saying so: I think the NYT public editor does a good job highlighting this in the NYT (see Were Changes to Sanders Article 'Stealth Editing'?, and Has The Times Dismissed Bernie Sanders?).Of course, some times articles critical of Sanders are deservedly so. If your numbers don't add up, that's something worth being brought attention to. It's not media bias to  ridicule the claim that single-payer will save more money on prescription drugs than is currently spent on prescription drugs. Study: Bernie Sanders's single-payer plan is almost twice as expensive as he says. I think Bernie supporters do their cause a disservice when they dismiss criticism out of hand based on media bias. If your definition of media bias is anything not completely flattering of Bernie, than it's you, not the media, that's biased.
What is your craziest US immigration experience?
As many of you know, the process of acquiring a student visa (F-1 visa) to the United States is nerve-racking for Indian families. Having gone through four years of college, graduating with a good GPA along with multiple summer research stints/internships, then applying to several US universities at considerable expense, and finally being rewarded with an acceptance letter from a respected school, Indian students are sometimes rejected from entering the US at the final hurdle—the visa interview at the US embassy.I recall the buildup to my interview four years ago. Many of my friends had theirs scheduled before mine, and they scared the bejeezus out of me recounting their horror show interviews involving scores of questions from grim interviewers with piercing glares boring into their souls trying to catch out any hesitation in their answers, any possible untruths.My parents did what any self-respecting Indian family does before their kid heads to an interview—they took me to a temple. And not just any temple—they took me about 1000 kilometers north of home to the searingly hot city of Baroda, Gujarat, to visit one particular Hanumanji temple (apparently this was our family God in our family temple, goodness knows why, we’re Tamils from Chennai—and I’m an atheist!)So after much prayer and puja, blessings from family members and well-wishes from friends, I stood outside the US embassy on a cloudy, muggy, summer day, shitting my pants under the narrow canopy that automatically opened over the street when it rained (a nice touch there, ‘Murica).My stomach churned as the line slowly moved forward. My heart leaped into my mouth as I passed through the gates, only to be confronted by armed security guards who proceeded to take away anything I had in my pockets—pens, coins, paper, etc.Please don’t take my clothes too, please don’t take my clothes too, I prayed silently.The guard gestured at my jeans. Resigned to my fate, I started to unzip them.“What are you doing?” he asked, amazed. “Just take off your belt and pass through the scanner.”….Finally through the gates, I was taken aback at how simple the next room looked. Then I understood why—it was just a queue room. A room for this damn queue.Half an hour later we passed into the Interview Room. People lined up in front of about a dozen booths, each with a White Man or White Lady inside (must be the Americans, I thought fearfully, please let them understand my accent).The room was air-conditioned. I was sweating.It was large and airy. I gasped for breath.Now I was in front of one of the White Men. He beckoned me forward.He smiled at me evil• no, pleasantly • it was a pleasant smile!“Hi there, how’s your day going?”He greeted me • what do I do? Is this part of the interview? Oh no, I don’t have an answer. Smile. Smiling is good. He won’t hate you if you smile.I smiled. He waited.Oh shit, he asked you a question. Answer it, jackass!“OH IT IS—you’re too loud, dolt—going well”, I whispered.He didn’t hear that last bit, but he nodded as if he did.“May I have your I-20?”“Here it is,” I breathed.He stared down at it for a minute. Then—“So, you’re going to Purdue?”Say yes, don’t say yup. And don’t shout.“YUP!” I shouted.“Ok then, you’re good to go” he said, stamping my passport.“What?” I yelped, staring at him in disbelief.“You’re good to go, sir, your application has been accepted.”You mean after all that stress you didn’t ask me a single question? Not one? Why?? Are you crazy, man? I even lied about my day, it was shitty as hell, you should quiz me on it! Make me grovel for that visa, like the bastards I know you interviewers are!“Good luck with your PhD, Mr.Raman, and enjoy your stay in the United States of America.”“Thank you,” I replied, my throat catching.I was going to America courtesy this senile interviewer. Thank you Hanumanji!
Has Hamas fired rockets from inside schools, hospitals, and mosques? Have they used innocent civilians as human shields? If so, why?
Yes and not surprising.Hamas are terrorists, and terrorists are cowards. Hiding behind civilians is nothing new, it's been used in places like Somalia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,and, now Gaza. (Video: Hamas spokesman encourages use of human shield.)Hamas are firing rockets at Israel. They started it. Israel left the Gaza Strip in good faith and for peace. What does the Palestinians do in response? They murder Israelis. I've read some answers here wherein most of the "sources" cited are from well known left wing anti-Semites and pro-Palestinian groups or individuals.For those who upvoted such myopic and flimsily referenced answers you should read more and from varied sources. In that way you will learn more and know the truth: Israel is the victim of terrorism perpetrated by the murderous Hamas.(Video: IDF call to Wafa Hospital before striking target.)The crux to this question is simple: Hamas is an evil terrorist group, they are called TERRORISTS because they are bad and worst than criminals.Israel is the good guy here. Not perfect, but the good guy.All else is just fabricated "noise" meant to muddle the issue.
What isn't a crime but should be?
Indians, behold!The room was filled with an air of suspense and excitement.The woman lay there, with pain in every contraction, that overwhelmed every cell of her body. In the midst of unbearable pain, she could not hear herself scream.Everyone could feel the agony in her scream. It was as if every bone of her body conspired to strangulate her.She prayed to God to help her zoom into the next five minutes. She felt trapped in the confinement of pain.“Push, push!” the midwife shouted. The embattled mother did, as mightily as she could.With an unspeakable pain glittering in her eyes, she groaned as she gave the final push. Now, she was asked to stop.The little sunshine stretched and slid into the hands of the midwife. The mother beamed with relief and unfathomable delight.My little sunshine is here! An enviably beautiful girl has just been born!The father who has been anxious until now bursts into tears of relief and joy. He jumps in awkward patterns. He hugs people in random. He just becomes a boy.The little bundle of joy is just minutes into the new world and the tiny speck-like eyes roll around. Curiosity lingers in the fun-sized face.A million questions surface in her eyes. Her hands and legs wriggling in an unmethodical manner.The mother looks at the life she has brought into the world. She never thought a sunshine could be this beautiful. She never thought her little angel could be this delightful.Pause.She thinks of the cruel world that awaits outside. She dreads the clan of men who would crave her body.She shudders. She decides to safeguard her little bundle of joy. “I would not let anyone harm my darling,” she promises herself.Years go by. The little darling grows up. She is raised fearfully and wonderfully.Do not talk to men. You will not have male friends. Men are animals. Men rape. Do not trust men. You will not study in co-education schools. Watch the length of your skirt.The mother bleeds love. She expresses her love for her daughter in the ways she thinks are the best.The little girl grows up as mama’s girl. She leads a clean life. She stays away from men. The very presence of men makes her shy away from the place. She never looks into the eyes of men.She gets to be known as the girl of character.Teen years whirl by.Years later, the mother asks the daughter to marry someone she never knew.‘But momma, I do not even know him,” the curious daughter questions her mom.“You will do what I say. You will not fall in love with anyone. Remember what I have told about men? They are beasts,” the mother convinces the daughter.Maybe mom is right, the daughter believes.The wedding bells ring.Days later, the mother asks “When will you get pregnant?”The girl who has been raised all her life with warnings about men and been strictly kept away from men is required to sleep with a stranger, in blunt terms.Women are cast into nothingness by the very arm that scooped them with love!Forced-arranged marriages are a crime.
If you are a Canadian citizen, what is your reaction to President Trump’s threat that he is going to “punish the Canadian people”?
I’m a Canadian who goes to school in the US. Gotta say, I really don’t like this move. It flies in the face of what is arguably the warmest, most amical and fair bilateral relationship in the world. So homogeneous are the countries that it causes Canada to have an existential fear of being the same as America and causes America to have a benevolent ignorance of Canada’s sovereignty. (I’m reminded of Sandra Bullock’s line in The Proposal when she was playing a Canadian business woman being deported from the US for overstaying a visa: “wait, but I’m Canadian!”)And now, Trump quote:The United States has been taken advantage of for many decades on trade. Those days are over. Earlier today, this message was conveyed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada: The United State will agree to a fair deal, or there will be no deal at all.[1]Hell, this isn’t just limited to Canada. Also Trump quote:The European Union is brutal to the United States. And they understand that. They know it. When I’m telling them, they’re smiling at me. You know, it’s like the gig is up.[2]Wow, what a bellicose leader. Can’t wait to see what he has to say about Russia. Oh wait…I think it would be an asset to have Russia back in. I think it would be good for the world. I think it would be good for Russia. I think it would be good the United States. I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7. I think the G8 would be better.[3]Hmmmm• since Trump hates trade deficits so much, why don’t we see some trade deficit numbers:EU-US trade (2017, US Census Bureau):-US exports to EU: $283 billion-US trade deficit with EU: $151 billion-US trade deficit with EU in percentage of exports (the percentage more in trade that the US imports from rather than exports to the EU): 53%Canada-US trade (2017, Office of the US Trade Representative):-US exports to Canada: $341 billion-US trade deficit with Canada: -$8.4 billion (it’s negative because it’s actually a surplus!)-US trade deficit with Canada in percentage of exports: -2.5%Russia-US Trade (2017, US Census Bureau):-US exports to Russia: $7 billion-US trade deficit with Russia: $10 billion-US trade deficit with Russia as percentage of exports: 143% (That’s right, the US imports 143% more crap from Russia than it exports to it, in fact, it actually net imports more from Russia than it net exports to Canada!)So, if one truly believe that bigger trade deficits means more exploitation, that person should also be complaining about Russia cheating the US. In absolute terms, the US has a surplus vis-à-vis Canada, and in percentage-of-exports terms, the US• trade deficit with Russia is almost 3x larger than its trade deficit with the EU.Not to mention the geopolitical dimension of this, with Russia interfering in western democracies for over a decade now and being an enemy in general to the West. But hey, with friends like Trump, who needs enemies?Footnotes[1] Trump blasts ‘highly restrictive• Canada, threatens lumber in latest salvo[2] 'My touch, my feel': Trump shows his contempt for G7 allies[3] Trump again calls for readmitting Russia to G7, blames Obama for Crimea's annexation
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