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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Shared well easement

Instructions and Help about Shared well easement

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What does a "shared well and septic system" mean in terms of cost, maintenance and other implications relative to more traditional city-owned water and sewer systems? What is typically the cost to get converted to city water/sewer?
What does a "shared well and septic system" mean in terms of cost, maintenance and other implications relative to more traditional city-owned water and sewer systems? What is typically the cost to get converted to city water/sewer? Has a neighbor tried to claim part of your yard as their property until you had to legally prove otherwise? My neighbor claims 3 feet of my land belongs to her, due to a survey. Can the county record change the boundary of an existing home boundary for 55 years? What was your worst neighbor experience? My neighbor refuses to mow the boulevard in front of his house, since it’s technically the city’s property, I mow it when I mow mine but he recently told me to stop, can he legally make me stop mowing? I live down a private driveway with four other neighbors. One neighbor, a mean old lady that likes no one, has put up speed bumps in the road. Is this legal? What is a mutual easement? Can I sue my neighbors to make a shared driveway private? We did not sign an easement form when we bought the house but the neighbors said they have one. They use it as if it were a race way and I have young children. I struck oil in my backyard, what do I do next?
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