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If a shared well is on my property is it mine Form: What You Should Know

Sharing a well is often necessary if the soil level is lower than anticipated. It can also be beneficial for tenants of a rental property toĀ  If you are interested in purchasing a rental property that does not include a shared well agreement, you canĀ  If anyone can offer any input on shared well agreements please leave me a comment on my blog. Also don't forget to register with o Collect any available information on theĀ  What is a shared water well agreement? The sharing of a private well with a neighbor's water system may be beneficial because it allows both parties to get rid of leaks. It can also be doneĀ  When deciding to share your well, you'll want to be sure to get a well owner agreement, lease or contract for the well, as well as information on how long the shared well might last and how the tenant isĀ  Shared well sharing is allowed under laws in New York State and the State of Texas. Most well owners do not object to the sharing of their well under theseĀ  Learn more about shared well agreements and how to negotiate with your local and state officials. Shared Well Agreement Shared well or service well information can be found on the map on my website. State of Texas law defines an ā€œallied wellā€ as a well owned or managed by an entity that also owns or owns a well on the same property. It is important to note that your well owner agreement or lease is not considered an ā€œallied well.ā€ Therefore, while it may share your well in terms of the terms, the well owner's agreement or lease isĀ  More Texas Well Sharing Resources Read Texas' law regarding shared water wells. Texas' law does not define how a well owner must deal with a well that shares its water supply with another well. This is important because some states haveĀ  If you are involved in water related property purchase with an old well owner, and they are interested in selling their water supply to your new owner, you must be prepared for the inevitable Texas law requires that the new owner of a well obtain a water service contract to supply the well to the property for a specific lease period. These contracts are calledĀ  A well owner agreement can be as simple as providing an individual access password to the well, but this is not the same as the lease agreement or contract required byĀ  Under Texas law, it is illegal to share a well without a well owner agreement.

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FAQ - If a shared well is on my property is it mine

Can you share your experience as a homeless person?
As many of you know, I was homeless when I was younger. Life on the streets is hard, harder than you can possibly imagine.The first night was terrifying. I knew I was going to die. I knew I was going to get stabbed by other homeless people for my boots and sleeping bag, and God forbid they discover I had u00a338 in cash, they would probably slit my throat for that. I was going to get AIDS and I was going to die. It was a certainty.The first time I came across a group of homeless people that night was when I tried to find a place to sleep in an abandoned building. One happened to see me trying to climb through a broken window and told me it was a bad idea. That's where the prostitutes took their punters, and where the local heroin dealers plied their trade. I had no idea about any of this stuff, so I was glad of the advice.The person who told me to stay away from that building told me he and a few other homeless guys had a place in the park nearby and I could come along if I wanted. I knew the park and knew it was open on all sides, so I could get away if anything went sideways, so figured I had nothing to lose.Those guys asked me what happened to make me homeless. I told them exactly what my landlord did. I think they took pity on me as they could see I was scared, and let me know what to expect. I discovered how to apply for council housing, where the nearest soup van was and how often it turned up. They told me where I could find food and some of the things they found useful to survive. They were really nice people, and that surprised me. I didn't feel threatened in their presence, but wasn't ready to stay with them.Let me tell you, that first night was petrifying. Every noise was a threat. Every shadow a murderer. It was the start of the coldest winter on UK record at that time and believe me, I felt every bit of it. I was alone in the world. I was cold and I was scared. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried my eyes out that night and didn't sleep a single second. It was the longest night of my life.Early the next morning I got out of my sleeping bag and packed it away. I had a steely determination to sort everything out. I had been told what to do, I was intelligent and I could figure this out. I wasn't going to to spend another night on the riverbank.Number one on my list was to get a council flat. All I had to do was visit the housing office, declare myself homeless and sign some forms. Surely they could understand that I was young, nau00efve and desperately vulnerable. It should be enough to get me to the top of the list, or at least into emergency accommodation. Well first I had to find the housing office. I never needed to go there before so I had no idea where it was. Luckily there is a council advice centre in the local shopping centre. I went there, made a quick enquiry and walked to the next town to start the process of getting myself somewhere else to live.I decided on my way there I was going to speak to the police after I had finished at the housing office. I knew they couldn't do anything about the illegal eviction as it was a civil matter, but they would be able to punish my landlord and his mate for threatening me with extreme violence if I didn't leave immediately.I got to the housing office around mid afternoon. It took me a while to find it as I hadn't really been to the next town over much before. Walking in, I took a ticket from the machine on the front desk and waited my turn. I was called up to a private booth within a few hours. I didn't mind the wait as I knew I would get some keys at the end of it.The housing officer asked me loads of questions and gave me stacks of forms to fill out. It took ages. Eventually I was called back to a booth where a different officer looked over everything. He asked me why I left my previous home. I gave him all the details. All he was interested in was that I had left voluntarily. If you make yourself intentionally homeless, regardless of the circumstance, you go straight to the bottom of the list. I tried to plead with him and told him exactly what my landlord said, and how he acted. This guy was huge. Six foot four of bad tempered agressive muscle. I was a 9.5 stone weakling. I am not exaggerating when I say that one punch from this man could easily have killed me. The housing officer didn't care about that. All he kept telling me was that what I was alleging to have happened was illegal and landlords can't evict people without notice, so obviously I had done something wrong to warrant it. I hadn't. I rarely ever spoke to my landlord, and had been paying my rent in full, on time every month. I had never been so much as a day late.I asked to speak to another housing officer as I knew I wasn't getting anywhere with this one. A woman came and sat in front of me and asked me all the same questions, but seemed more willing to listen to me. She said there were other criteria for immediate assistance I might meet so reeled off a few more questions. Was I a drug addict seeking rehab? No. Was I dependent on alcohol? No. Was I disabled or mentally ill? No. Was I an ex offender? No. I didn't fit any profile which mattered. The council had discharged their duty of care by adding me to the waiting list and there was nothing else I could do.Dejected, but more determined than ever to get revenge on my landlord for what he did, I went to the police station next. I told a constable what has transpired and that I wanted to press charges. He didn't care either. The threats, whilst illegal, came down to his word against mine. He was a successful landlord who had evicted me for some reason, I was a homeless guy with a grudge. It was obvious the police were not taking my side and I was wasting my time.I went back to the riverbank.The next morning I met up with the guys from the park. I told them what had happened and they said they weren't surprised. I asked for some more advice. I don't remember what they told me, but I do remember it didn't help.I picked up a free newspaper from one of the stands in the town on my way back from the park to the riverbank. It mentioned that the winter shelter was reopening soon and gave it's address. I was there the day it opened but was already too late, all the rooms were gone. I went there every day for 2 weeks trying to get a room, and eventually got lucky. They had a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and one of the residents had been caught with syringes. He was being kicked out as I arrived. I took his room and stayed there for a week before I was evicted for some made up reason I don't remember.I went back to my friends in the park, but none of them believed I had gotten a room there as they were so difficult to get.A few weeks later, one of the big hospitals in my town closed down for a complete refurbishment. I saw it as a way to move off of the riverbank to somewhere inside. I scoped out the hospital and decided against trying to to sleep inside the main building as I could be found by the workmen and thrown off site. I looked at the external lab buildings but they were either being demolished or had big alarm boxes on the outside. Eventually, at the very far end of the site, I saw what was to become my home for the next several months. It was an abandoned brick shed. It was full to the ceiling with empty cardboard boxes, but best of all, the door could be secured from the inside. I had a roof over my head, it was dry and it was lockable. I made a tunnel through the boxes to the wall furthest from the door and made a little den. There was just enough room for me to sit up in one direction, and lie flat in another. If I was quiet, no one would know I was there.I needed to make it comfortable. I used several thick cardboard boxes to insulate me from the bare concrete base, and took a load of hospital bedding out of a skip on site one evening when the workers had gone home. Piled on top of the cardboard, it was quite comfortable. I already had a sleeping bag, so I slept on top of the sheets in that.That shed probably saved my life.I mentioned the soup kitchen van which came once or twice a week. Well sometimes it didn't come at all. I was already eating out of bins, but I needed that soup as it was the only warm food I could get. Eventually it's funding must have dried up as it stopped coming to altogether. I had also been careless in allowing myself to be seen taking food out of a bin at the back of a bakery, and the bin was locked away. That was the end of the food. I didn't eat for nearly 2 weeks.Something people don't tell you about real hunger is the pain. Being hungry hurts. Being hungry can make you hallucinate. You can die of hunger with a full meal in front of you as you are too weak to eat it. I came very close to starving to death.Someone told me the salvation army give out food, all you have to do is ask. I made my way to the nearest Sally army church and waited until the service was over before asking to see the vicar. He took me to the kitchen and filled a carrier bag with food. I was too dilerious to notice he had given me a frozen loaf of bread and a load of tins I couldn't open as I didn't have a can opener. What it did have was some fruit, a few slices of ham and some biscuits. That carrier bag of food lasted 3 weeks.I was having a conversation with one of the other homeless guys I knew and he told me that the council didn't just offer their own properties, they offered a service to private landlords too. This was later confirmed in a story in one of the free local newspapers, which also mentioned that the council didn't take all the properties offered, despite having a deficit, as they didn't consider some of the accomodation to be suitable. I suddenly had a new mission.I started waking up early, so I could make my way to the housing office and be first in line every day. I stayed there all day,every day for several weeks until I had a lucky break. A middle aged lady came in and I heard her say to the person on the front desk she had some bedsits to offer. They ended up not being suitable, but while she was waiting I struck up a conversation with her. I told her why I was there and what happened to make me homeless. I persuaded her to give me a chance and we filled out the housing benefit forms there and then. She gave me a lift to her bedsits and showed me inside.As I now had an address, on the way to the bedsits we stopped at the benefits agency so I could register for income support. It would be a few days until I received my first payment.As I had not taken off my clothes in many months, I was desperate for a bath. I had to wait a few days as there was no way I was putting my dirty clothes on again. I slept on the floor as I didn't want to get the bed dirty.Once my first payment arrived, I went shopping. I bought fresh socks and pants, a new pair of jeans and a new t-shirt. I also bought the cheapest shampoo and toothpaste they had. I went home, sat in that bath for hours and fell asleep in a warm, comfortable bed for the first time in months. The next morning I put on my fresh clothes and haven't looked back since.
What is the craziest lie a customer has come up with when calling your work to complain about you?
I was working as a Census taker for Statistics Canada during the national census of 1996 when one member of the public made a false complaint against me.To give the necessary background: Each census taker was assigned a different territory. We were each provided a detailed map of our own territory, clearly marking out its boundaries. Every residence within that territory was depicted on the map as a little square or rectangle. And for each street within our territory, it listed the relevant range of house numbers for each side of that street (e.g. one territory might end at numbers 49 and 50 Random Street, the next territory started across the intersection at numbers 51 and 52 Random Street.) If everyone got together in a huge field, they could potentially piece together a cool, giant detailed map of Canada.A big part of our job was physically delivering a census form to every separate lot within our territory with a residence on it. If the map showed a lot with a newly built home as empty, a form still needed to be delivered to that residence, and then we needed to mark the missing residence on the map of our territory. The maps were extremely accurate, and I had to mark maybe one new home on mine.The census was meant to be a snapshot of Canada on a particular day. If someone owned multiple residences, they needed to fill out the form for each property with information for that residence as of census day. So if the entire family stayed in one house on that date, the information for their second house would be that it didnu2019t have any residents as of census day u2023 there was no need to fill out any of the additional data on that form. If someoneu2019s son spent that date in the spare house? Then the form would reflect that the second home had one resident as of that date, and that sonu2019s data would need to be entered on that form.People didnu2019t have to fill out the forms on the spot, but could mail it in (at no cost) by the deadline, some date following the u201ccensus dateu201d. If they had any questions about filling out the form, I could try to answer their questions while I was at their door, or they could call the help line provided on the form itself.There was a different, and longer, census form for farms. It collected some agricultural data as well as data about the residence and its inhabitants. If someone groaned about having to fill out the longer form, Iu2019d point out that they only needed to prestimates for most of the extra questions (statistically, if someone slightly overestimated one figure, someone else would balance that out by underestimating). Iu2019d also point out they could probably get all the information they required from their last income tax form. If someone hadnu2019t kept their income tax form and was concerned about providing any inconsistent data? I told them not to worry, because Revenue Canada is not allowed to see their census form, Stats Can is not allowed to see their income tax form (which is why they donu2019t just take the data from that), the data is all aggregated and, again, Estimates Are OK.This groaning was far from universal u2023 strangely enough, I had to talk some people who had a hobby garden in their backyards out of trying to claim the longer agricultural form to fill out u2023 but I quickly became used to having some people act reluctant about accepting the longer agricultural form.So, on with the story at hand: During one of my trips I came to one farm with clearly only one entrance to the residence, from a road well within my territory, to a home well within my territory. With agricultural form in hand, I knocked on the door and it was answered by a woman. I explained I was here to drop off a form for the census. She looked at the form then told me she will not fill it out. No explanation. She just said she would not fill it out.This wasnu2019t entirely unusual or unexpected (although up to that point I faced zero resistance u2023 only, in a couple of cases, some antsy migrant workers hurriedly running off to hide in barns.Some people think they arenu2019t required to respond to the census and consider it to be the government being too u201cbig brotheru201d. So I politely explained to the woman that all the information she provides will be kept private, and wonu2019t be shared with any other government authorities. I was about to explain there are benefits to the census, e.g., ensuring that the appropriate level of health services, police services, etc, are provided to different areas. But before I could, she again said u201cThere is no requirement for me to fill out the form.u201dSo I read to her from a paper we were provided politely explaining that a census form is required to be filled out by every residence in Canada.Then she says she was already given a form. I asked if someone came up to this property? (Because that would mean another census taker erroneously came into my territory). No.Finally, she explained that she had received special permission from someone in the government to not fill out the agricultural form. Taken aback, I asked her where she got that advice from, and she said she had spoken to someone from the census office, and she was told that she wouldnu2019t be required to fill out a form for this address because they already had a form for another part of their farm operating out of the neighbouring territory.So, I thought to myself u201cwhy the hell didnu2019t you tell me this to begin with instead of wasting everyoneu2019s time?u201d, but instead I said to her something like u201cOkay, I was completely unaware of that. How about I leave a form with you, and you give my supervisor a call at this number. Then if you donu2019t need to complete the form, just throw it out. He can also let me know if I donu2019t need to get a form back from you.u201d She seemed very agreeable to this. So I apologized for taking up her time, and headed off.This was in the days before everyone had mobile phones. So instead of driving home, calling my supervisor, finding my way back to where I had left off (which wasnu2019t at a convenient intersection), and getting back to the job at hand, I decided to continue going door-to-door and following up the next morning.The next day, before I could call my supervisor, he called me.He was a former highschool principal whom I had the pleasure of working with on other contract jobs with the government (Elections Canada, specifically), so he knew me fairly well. He said to me u201cHey, I got a complaint from a woman. Donu2019t worry about it. I know you, and I think this is completely out of character, but she complained that you were very rude and aggressive. She said you threatened to call in the police and get her fined if she didnu2019t take a form from you, and other things that strike me as very unlikely.u201d So I told him my side of the story. He said, u201cYou did the right thing. We verified that part of her farm operation is in the next territory, sheu2019s already received a form for it there, and Stats Can doesnu2019t need her to fill out a second form. The other operation doesnu2019t have a separate residence, so she can fill that data in on the one form. I told her she can dispose of the form you left with her, and weu2019ll follow up on her complaint. As far as Iu2019m concerned, thatu2019s the end of that. Keep up the good work.u201d
Can I shoot my neighbors dog if it attacks me on my property?
The answer really depends on where you are. In general, you can shoot anything that threatens your life or health as long as you didnu2019t provoke the situation that put you in danger. If the neighboru2019s dog is coming onto your property and attacking you, you are justified in shooting the dog.Whether you should resort to lethal force in self-defense depends on the situation. At a minimum, you should consider whether you can make the shot without endangering other people with a stray bullet. Beyond that minimum, you should look for other ways to handle the situation before you reach that point.If youu2019re walking to the mailbox and a big dog grabs your arm, pulls you to the ground, and starts shaking you, you certainly have the right to defend yourself. If you have a gun on your person, you should draw the gun, put the muzzle against the dogu2019s chest, and keep pulling the trigger until the dog stops biting you. You should then call police and ambulance. After the ER fixes your arm and anything else the dog damaged, you should call your lawyer to sue the idiots who allowed their big dog to attack you in your yard. I have zero sympathy for people who allow large dogs to attack other people.If a dog hasnu2019t attacked but is harassing you in your yard, you would ideally ask the neighbors to keep their dog restrained. If they refuse to do so, you should talk to animal control. If the local laws donu2019t force the neighbors to stop their dog from menacing you or your family, things become cloudy. The situation isnu2019t as clear if the dog is menacing people but not in an actual attack at the moment when you fire the gun. Personally, Iu2019d always favor the person being menaced. No one should have to face harassment on his or her own property. If someone has kids and a big dog is threatening family members, I understand wanting to kill the dog before the dog attacks a child.Some dogs can be threatening and menacing without an intent to attack. A neighboru2019s dog used to bark threateningly at me whenever I went to the mailbox. He would circle me the whole time barking. Occasionally, I would become angry and run directly at him. When I did that, heu2019d run back into his own yard. Knowing that he would retreat from me, I never felt a need to escalate force any further.
Can I transfer my property to my son without asking permission from my daughter? Actually, the property is mine and no one has share on it.
You need to say where you are before anyone can answer. In the U.S. you can do whatever you want with your property. But why treat your children unequally? Women need money and property more than men because they're the ones usually left with the children if a marriage breaks up. And they earn less and have fewer jobs to look for.
How can I know whether my spouse, or intimate partner, is cheating?
So it all started back in the summer of 2023 my wife was just a few months into her new job. She had left the ems field for a 8 to 5 job. To be home with are two boys more. A little about us we meet in 2023 got married in 2023 had two bright and handsome boys. Back to what happened not to long after she started her new job about 5 month in her job site lost a co worker to a car accident. She she took it hard because she had talk to the co-worker that morning right before the accident. She called me at work and told me. Just like any lovey husband would do i told he ill be heading to pick her up. But she just told me no she going to stay at work. And come home. That night she did not come home tell 12am which was out of the ordinary for her. I asked her why she was late home. She told me she and her other coworkers had to help cook for the person family Gathering. So a couple of days past the same routine leave early come back late. Every day i try to ask if she was ok i even told her im there to comforter her and that she has someone there for her to cry on. But every day it was the same same answer she was ok. On the day of the the funeral she ran into one of her other coworkers and finally introduce me to him saying that this was her chump. The guy was as old as us he at first did not want to shake my hand or look me it the eyes. Then when she and him hug she started to cry on his shoulders. I found that very strange and that she never mentioned that she was going to all the Gatherings with him tell he had mentioned it when we first seen him and he finally shook my hand. Later that day i ask her what was her relationship what the guy I just met she said he was just a friend who took it hard and she needed to cheer him up along with her other coworkers. After that I started noticing she was texting him and calling him more often at work and after work she would say it was just work-related when I asked and I kept on asking if there was something going on between them. Fast forward two Christmas of 2023 I was told by my wife that she had to work late and that everyone had to work late too so I didn't question it. She didn't get home until 3 a.m. that morning. She slept till 11 a.m. by then I was up had breakfast cooked and the boys were fed she said it was it was very tough at work last night they had to do a lot of catching up. Life one on then till New Year's Eve she said she had to work late again and that she would be home late two. As usual I stayed home and watch the kids watch TV and cartoons with them the next day she was not home and she didn't get home until the afternoon she said she had to take a shower because she felt dirty from all the sweating and that the AC had stopped working in their building so as usual I didn't say nothing and let it be but deep down I knew she was with her male co-worker that had met only one. After that she changed are sex life died out completely. She would say she tired at night. She started to where g-strings that I had never seen to work. And then the end of January she called one night saying she had to work late the kids were at their grandparents house so the Curiosity got the best of me I went to her work to see if she wanted some dinner no one was there all the doors are locked even her car was not there. I called her cell it just went to voicemail every time i called it. So i gave up and went home then one day a couple of months later a good friend of my stop by to see me and ask how i was doing. He told me he had heard my wife was sleeping with a coworker from her job. And the he need to see if it was true. We talked for two hours. He left i was trying to get access to her cellphone accounts but it was inaccessisible to me. I had to contact a link i saw on quora DARK HAT on Strikingly to get the evidence i found out my wife text her coworker every minute everyday and it sexual at times. It got to a point where she even asked if he stop texting her because his wife was home. She even was sending him nude pictures of her to him. Now it was all adding up every time the company had dinner or cookouts he would avoid me every chance he got and she would avoid looking at him or talking to him while I was there. So after two more days of playing like i don't know what she up to. I called her at work and told her i was in her her neck of the woods and that if she would love to have lunch with me. She hesitate out first and said that she was supposed to go have lunch with her friend but eventually said she'll have lunch with me. At lunch we talk about are work. Then i final ask her about cheating with her man from work she kept denying it tell i told her i have seen every thing she text him. And that i was going to the head person to see what he thinks. She finally broke down and told me she was seen him. That it started that night there coworker died. And that it was just supposed to be a one-time thing but it continued and that her working late was just a cover for them. Because he was married too and thay where doing every time thay got. I was so disgusted by what I heard and was so mad and hated her so much that I left and went back home. She tried to call but i never wanted her calls. I just texted her telling her to stay at her mom house from the next couple of weeks. After two and a half months I finally decided that that my kids came first and that they needed their mother back home. I called her and told her that she could come home but under one condition that she could not talk see text any form of communication with her man from work. And she said she will keep her promise could not have anything to do with them.
How do I tell if my computer is secretly mining cryptocurrency, and what do I do about it?
Mining is an intensive activity that puts a lot of load onto your system resources. If it is a GPU miner that is running in the background, youu2019ll notice a substantial decrease in performance if you run any GPU intensive software, for instance games. On the other hand, if it is a CPU only miner, your PC should be noticeably slowed overall. If either of this happens, it can be due to a million different reasons but definitely a cryptocurrency miner running in the background is one of them. if the malware is intelligent and can utilize system resources in a way that it only uses the available free resources, you might never know the miner is actually running on your system. This is even harder to spot.One of the first steps you should do is remove any program that isnu2019t important for the system and the ones that you havenu2019t installed. Go to the task manager and see the process that are currently running and the ones that you do not recognize, find out more information about it on the internet. Also, most anti malware and anti virus suits cover mining malware so you just need to get one (even the free ones do the job) and run a thorough scan on your PC.
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