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Well Agreement example Form: What You Should Know

TO WHICH is attached the following agreement, executed between the undersigned and the City of Surprise, Arizona; the undersigned hereby agreeing as follows:  1. Definitions:  1. A. “Wells” refer to any spring-fed water system of any size located on the property, including any pump or water storage tanks located on the property. 1. B. “Tillage” or “tillage system” refer to any artificial or real structure, including the well system, designed to collect rainfall or snow. 1. C. “Water system” refers to any pumping station, water storage tanks, pumps and related equipment used in connection with the well system. 2. Location of Well The well location should be the closest location to the parcel and closest location to its use. If possible, the well should be the closest location that produces adequate quantities of water to serve the needs of the applicant. If not feasible, the well should be placed in a location that has a greater flow of water to the parcel from natural or man-made sources. The well location should not compromise the integrity of the parcel with respect to the application. 3. Water System The “water system” refers to any pumping station, water storage tanks, pumps and related equipment used in connection with the well system. The water system may not violate the rights or the security of the applicant with respect to the parcel or be detrimental to nearby uses. The use of the well system shall generally be consistent with the overall objectives of the application. 4. Ownership The well owners or their designee are authorized to use, maintain, alter, or remove the well system, upon the approval of the City. The water system shall be owned by the property owner only. The water system shall remain in full use by the property owner only. 5. Maintenance Prior to filling, the well owners, or their designees are authorized to perform one of the following: (1) Check for and perform water changes to ensure well conditions. (2) Inspect, test, and repair the well. (3) Change in the water level to prevent damage to properties behind the well. (4) Remove and/or replace pipe, pump, or related equipment. (5) Repaint and reinstall fixtures, including valves. 6.

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Instructions and Help about Well Agreement example

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